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Amazing World Records of Geography Front Cover of Book by Sunflower Education

A Great Way to Teach Geography!

Capture students' imagination with a jaw-dropping world record and then build on that interest to teach core ideas. Students make model mountains, consider the challenge of desertification, read and make maps, and conduct dozens of other high-interest activities.

Grades 5-9

Aligned with the Themes of Geography and the National Geographic Standards

60 Reproducible Activity Sheets

Teaching Tips

Complete Answer Key

Part of the Amazing World Records Series!

Click here to see the world records on a cool interactive map!

Amazing World Records of Geography includes a rich assortment of topics:

World’s Greatest Mountain Range • World’s Highest Sand Dunes • World’s Largest Cave • World’s Largest Delta • World’s Largest Canyon • World’s Largest Peninsula • World’s Largest Wetland • World’s Deepest Valley • World’s Largest Desert • World’s Longest Glacier • World’s Greatest Tide • World’s Highest Waterfall • World’s Largest Bay • World’s Largest Gulf • World’s Largest Iceberg • World’s Largest Lake • World’s Longest Reef • World’s Longest River • World’s Most Remote Island • World’s Largest Fjord

Amazing World Records of Geography

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