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Amazing World Records of History Front Cover of Book by Sunflower Education

20 Innovative, Easy-to-Integrate Lesson Plans Teach Key Concepts and Motivate All Students!

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Click here to see the world records on a cool interactive map!

Amazing World Records of History includes a rich assortment of topics:

World’s Oldest Boat • World’s Greatest Movement • World’s Oldest City • World’s Largest Ancient City • World’s Largest Modern City • World’s Oldest Building • World’s Most Diverse Country • World’s Most Widely-Spoken Language • World’s First Writing • World’s Most Widely Read Book • World’s Oldest Work of Art • World’s Largest School • World’s Largest Religion • World’s Earliest Machines • World’s Oldest Industry • World’s Oldest Weapon • World’s Deadliest Battle • World’s Greatest War • World’s Oldest Country • World’s Oldest Government

Amazing World Records of History

A Great Way to Teach History!

Capture students' imagination with a jaw-dropping world record and then build on that interest to teach core ideas. Students research how boats changed history, map the Columbian Exchange, explore linguistic diversity, and conduct dozens of other high-interest activities.

Grades 5-9

Aligned with the National Council of Social Studies Standards

60 Reproducible Activity Sheets

Teaching Tips

Complete Answer Key

Part of the Amazing World Records Series!

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