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There are no compromises under the hood to achieve the solid battery life. The P20 Pro is packing Huawei’s own Hisilicon Kirin 970 processor, backed by 6GB of RAM with 128GB of storage. We found performance to be fast and smooth in our testing.

The Sony Xperia XZ2 has serious stamina

With a3,180mAh battery the XZ2 doesn’t look specialon paper, but in the real world, we found that it’s capable of outperforming our expectations — going a day and beyond without difficulty. There’s a Snapdragon 845 backed by 6GB of RAM inside, a 5.7-inch Full HD display, and a capable 19-megapixel camera. Sony also offers some handy power management modes in the software. It’s quite expensive at $800, but if you need something that will last for extended periods between outlets, it’s worth considering.

Sony Xperia XZ2 review

The 6.1-inch AMOLED Full HD display is vivid and sharp, and there is an excellent triple main camera that combines 40-megapixel, 8-megapixel, and 20-megapixel sensors. We also like the design, with a small notch at the top of the screen and a slim bezel at the bottom that houses the fingerprint sensor. The P20 Pro runs Android 8.1 Oreo. If we had to find a weakness it would be Huawei’s EMUI user interface and the lack of the headphone port, but this is a great all-around device.

You can check out our roundup of other smartphones with the best battery life for other alternatives.

The best budget phone

Nokia 6.1

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Why should you buy this: You’re on a strict budget, but you still want a powerful phone.

Our Score
The best smartphone under $300
Nokia 6.1
Nokia delivers build quality, battery life, and performance.
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Who’s it for: Bargain buyers who want a steady Android phone.

How much will it cost: $270

Why we picked the Nokia 6.1 :

The Nokia 6.1 offers great build quality, something the Nokia brand has always been associated with. While everyone else turns to glass, the Nokia 6.1 is unashamedly metal and it retains a 16:9 aspect ratio and big bezels around its screen. A dull, dated look is skillfully sidestepped with a series of arresting anodized copper highlights that really make this phone pop.

The 5.5-inch display is Full HD, there’s a respectable Snapdragon 630 processor inside backed by 3GB or 4GB of RAM, depending on whether you opt for the 32GB or 64GB model. There is also a MicroSD card slot for expansion. The 3,000mAh battery goes the distance it recharges via the USB-C port.

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Lovely building lots in the upscale Chadsworth development. Very conveniently located with city services. Restricted to help maintain property values

Facts and Features

Type and Style
Other Construction Features
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Sun Number™ rates a home's potential for solar using a scale of 1-100. The higher the number, the better suited a home is for solar and the more money you could save.
Sun Number™ Score Components:
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{"targetDiv":"gpt-ad-a4ab6b92-05e1-4107-aac9-741e238e522f","slot":"zillow/property_details/buy_agent/c_main_p1","network":"7449","sizes":["fluid",[1,1]],"targets":{"aamgnrc1":"432 Manchester Pl","bd":"0","fsbid":"15925","city":"BRISTOL","proptp":"lot","vers":"ADS_Tagless:Casale_On,SHO_MOBILE_WEB_NAV_ADS:AFTER_2ND,SHO_ADS_AND_TRACKING_PIXELS:CONTROL,SRP_DESKTOP_ADS_VARIANTS:VARIANT_B,SHO_DESKTOP_EXPOSED_FILTERS:CONTROL,SRP_MWEB_ADS_VARIANTS:VARIANT_B,SHO_DESKTOP_NAV_AD_LOAD_ORDER:EARLIER_AD_REQUEST,SHO_NAV_AD_BACKGROUND:GRAY,HDP_NativePhotoplayer:ON,HDP_FAF_TELECOM:CONTROL,HDP_CONTENT_REGROUP:CONTROL,HDP_AD_BELOW_MODULES:ON_ABOVE_CONTACT_MID_RENDER,HDP_SERVICE_FSBA:CONTROL,HDP_SERVICE_FSBA_MOBILE:ON,HDP_SERVICE_NFS:CONTROL,SEOTEST__HDP_EXPANDED:CONTROL","pid":"103838155","lot":"2","listtp":"buy_agent","searchtp":"address","stale":"yes","filtered":"false","zguidh":"-7907865254039437161","price":"28500","posting_url":"","state":"TN","mlong":"-82.13593482971191","pis":"1","cnty":"Sullivan","prange":"0-100k","zip":"37620","mlat":"36.580451","z_listing_image_url":"https://photos.zillowstatic.com/p_d/ISqx6lzpir6usl0000000000.jpg","zusr":"true","premieragent":"no","dma":"104"},"defer_ad":true,"explicit_defer_ad":true,"defer_target_frame":false,"load_event":"deferred:homeExpensesExpand"}
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The median Zestimate valuation for a given geographic area on a given day is the Zillow Home Value Index. Learn more


Past 12 months

Based on three metrics—sale-to-list price ratio, the prevalence of price cuts on home listings, and time-on-market—the market temperature provides information on the current balance of bargaining power between buyers and sellers in this zip code relative to other zip codes in the same metropolitan area. A particular zip code may be identified as a good market for buyers in a metro market favorable to sellers overall. Learn more

Buyers' Market
Sellers' Market
Zillow predicts Browse Online For Cheap Online Pedro Garcia Leather Ruffle Flats HokzS
will increase 3.3% next year, compared to a 3.1% increase for Bristol as a whole.

Neighborhood Map

House For Sale

Studio · -- ba · -- sqft

428 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN


Price/sqft: -- · Studio · -- ba · -- sqft

436 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN

Off Market

$152,359 -- bds · 2.5 ba · 1,982 sqft

108 Rachels Ln, Bristol, TN

Off Market

$188,395 4 bds · 3 ba · 2,376 sqft

109 Rachels Ln, Bristol, TN

House For Sale

Studio · -- ba · -- sqft

424 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN


Price/sqft: -- · 3 bds · 3 ba · 1,795 sqft

440 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN


Price/sqft: -- · -- bds · -- ba · -- sqft

423 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN

House For Sale

4 bds · 3 ba · 1,567 sqft

423 Manchester Pl # 1, Bristol, TN

House For Sale

3 bds · 3 ba · 1,555 sqft

425 Manchester Pl # 1, Bristol, TN


Price/sqft: -- · Studio · -- ba · -- sqft

444 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN

House For Sale

Studio · -- ba · -- sqft

420 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN

Off Market

$185,515 3 bds · 2.5 ba · 2,150 sqft

104 Rachels Ln, Bristol, TN


Price/sqft: -- · -- bds · -- ba · -- sqft

415 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN

House For Sale

3 bds · 4 ba · 1,567 sqft

431 Manchester Pl # 1, Bristol, TN


Price/sqft: -- · -- bds · -- ba · -- sqft

431 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN

House For Sale

4 bds · 4 ba · 3,074 sqft

105 Rachels Ln, Bristol, TN

House For Sale

3 bds · 3 ba · 1,621 sqft

433 Manchester Pl # 1, Bristol, TN

House For Sale

Studio · -- ba · -- sqft

458 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN

House For Sale

Studio · -- ba · -- sqft

414 Manchester Pl, Bristol, TN

Off Market

$184,758 3 bds · 2.5 ba · 1,882 sqft

19 Andys Ln, Bristol, TN

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Historically, GreatSchools ratings have been based solely on a comparison of standardized test results for all schools in a given state. As of September 2017, the GreatSchools ratings also incorporate additional information, when available, such as college readiness, academic progress, advanced courses, equity, discipline and attendance data. GreatSchools ratings are designed to be a starting point to help parents compare schools, and should not be the only factor used in selecting the right school for your family.

Disclaimer: School attendance zone boundaries are supplied by Maponics and are subject to change. Check with the applicable school district prior to making a decision based on these boundaries.

Historically, GreatSchools ratings have been based solely on a comparison of standardized test results for all schools in a given state. As of September 2017, the GreatSchools ratings also incorporate additional information, when available, such as college readiness, academic progress, advanced courses, equity, discipline and attendance data. GreatSchools ratings are designed to be a starting point to help parents compare schools, and should not be the only factor used in selecting the right school for your family. Learn More.



out of 10
Tennessee High
2.8 mi
out of 10
Holston View Elementary
0.4 mi
out of 10
Vance Middle
2.7 mi

Data by GreatSchools.org

AWS CLI Command Reference


Quick search


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on GitHub.

User Guide

First time using the AWS CLI? See the User Guide for help getting started.

[ Manchester Cheap Online Nicholas Kirkwood Lace PeepToe Booties Cheap Sale Shop For Hot Sale For Sale Outlet Store kcdYvKNoc
. ec2 ]

Description Cheap Sale Top Quality Clearance Store Cheap Online Cynthia Vincent Leather Woven Sandals Eastbay For Sale Free Shipping Pay With Visa Z1gXb

Describes the specified attribute of the specified instance. You can specify only one attribute at a time. Valid attribute values are: | | | | | | | | | | | |

See also: AWS API Documentation

See for descriptions of global parameters.

--attribute (string)

The instance attribute.

Note: The attribute is not supported at this time.

Possible values:

--dry-run | --no-dry-run (boolean)

Checks whether you have the required permissions for the action, without actually making the request, and provides an error response. If you have the required permissions, the error response is . Otherwise, it is .

--instance-id (string)

The ID of the instance.

--cli-input-json (string) Performs service operation based on the JSON string provided. The JSON string follows the format provided by --generate-cli-skeleton . If other arguments are provided on the command line, the CLI values will override the JSON-provided values.

--generate-cli-skeleton (string) Prints a JSON skeleton to standard output without sending an API request. If provided with no value or the value input , prints a sample input JSON that can be used as an argument for --cli-input-json . If provided with the value output , it validates the command inputs and returns a sample output JSON for that command.

See Étoile Isabel Marant Deyissa Suede Boots High Quality For Sale Quality Outlet Store Buy Cheap 2018 Newest Sale Store Sale Prices pdLTH
for descriptions of global parameters.

To describe the instance type

This example describes the instance type of the specified instance.



To describe the disableApiTermination attribute

This example describes the disableApiTermination attribute of the specified instance.

To describe the block device mapping for an instance

This example describes the blockDeviceMapping attribute of the specified instance.


Introduction Background Low Cost Cheap Online Best Buy Giuseppe Zanotti Glitter amp; Metal Giuseppe Zanotti Discount Get Authentic NOp7CfutM

Slow fluctuations in activity are a fundamental feature of the resting brain, and their presence is key to determining correlated activity between brain regions and defining resting state networks. The relative magnitude of these fluctuations can differ between brain regions and between subjects, and thus may act as a marker of individual differences or dysfunction. Amplitude of Low Frequency Fluctuations (ALFF; Zang et al., 2007) and fractional Amplitude of Low Frequency Fluctuations (f/ALFF; Zou et al., 2008) are related measures that quantify the amplitude of these low frequency oscillations (LFOs).

ALFF is defined as the total power within the frequency range between 0.01 and 0.1 Hz, and thus indexes the strength or intensity of LFO. f/ALFF is defined as the power within the low-frequency range (0.01-0.1 Hz) divided by the total power in the entire detectable frequency range, and represents the relative contribution of specific LFO to the whole frequency range (Zuo et al., 2010).

Computation and Analysis Considerations Miu Miu Patent Leather Bow Pumps Cheapest Cheap Online Cheap Sale Shop Offer Cheap Pick A Best Outlet Exclusive kIwsn8dpjL

All computations are performed in a subject’s native space. After transforming voxel time series frequency information into the power domain, calculation of these measures is relatively simple. ALFF is calculated as the sum of amplitudes within a specific low frequency range. f/ALFF is calculated as a fraction of the sum of amplitudes across the entire frequency range detectable in a given signal. For both measures, amplitudes in subject-level maps are transformed into Z-scores to create standardized subject-level maps. Anatomical images and Z-score maps are then transformed into MNI152 standard space. For more detail on how CPAC computes these steps, please see the ALFF and f/ALFF Page of the developer documentation .

Though both ALFF and f/ALFF are sensitive mostly to signal from gray matter, ALFF is more prone to noise from physiological sources, particularly near the ventricles and large blood vessels (Zuo et al., 2008;2010). The figure below (from Zuo et al., 2010) shows areas in which ALFF shows higher amplitude than f/ALFF, as well as the relative sensitivity of these measures to gray matter.

Both ALFF and f/ALFF show moderate to high test-retest reliability in gray matter regions, but reliability for ALFF tends to be higher than for fALFF (Zuo et al., 2010). As it is more reliable, ALFF may be more sensitive to differences between groups and individuals. The figure below (also from Zuo et al., 2010) shows differences in test-retest reliability as measured by Intraclass Correlation (ICC; Shrout and Fleiss, 1979).

Finally, as these measures require a constant timecourse on which to do frequency and power analyses, they cannot be run on scrubbed data (Power et al., 2012) in which volumes with excessive movement have been removed.

Applications and Recommendations

ALFF and f/ALFF have been used to uncover differences in amplitude power both between subjects and between conditions. Zang et al. (2007) found that children with ADHD show reduced ALFF amplitude in some brain areas and increased amplitude in others compared to controls, while Yan and colleagues (2009) saw increased amplitude in the Default Mode Network during Eyes Open vs. Eyes Closed resting periods. Changes in f/ALFF have also been observed with aging (Hu et al., 2013).

The increased specificity to the gray matter signal for f/ALFF compared to ALFF may suggest favoring the former, but doing so would come at the cost of reduced test-retest reliability. As such, in order to maximize the reliability across subjects while providing sufficient specificity to examine individual differences, reporting both measures is recommended (Zuo et al., 2010).

Calculate ALFF and f/ALFF - [Off, On]:

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