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Amazing World Records of Science and Technology Front Cover of Book by Sunflower Education

20 Innovative, Easy-to-Integrate Lesson Plans Teach Key Concepts and Motivate All Students!

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Click here to see the world records on a cool interactive map!

Amazing World Records of Science and Technology includes a rich assortment of topics:

The Difference Between Science and Technology • World’s Most Common Plant • World’s Largest Living Organism • World’s Tallest Plant • World’s Largest Animal • World’s Most Common Animal • World’s Oldest Fossil • World’s Most Active Volcano • World’s Oldest Rock • World’s Rarest Element World’s Oldest Observatory • World’s First Motorized Vehicle • World’s First Aircraft • World’s Largest Ship • World’s Largest Train • World’s First Space Station • World’s Longest Road • World’s Longest Bridge • World’s Tallest Building • World’s Largest Dam

Amazing World Records of Science and Technology

A Great Way to Teach Science and Technology!

Capture students' imagination with a jaw-dropping world record and then build on that interest to teach core ideas. The world’s first motorized vehicle (a steam-powered tractor—in 1770!) leads a timeline of how the steam engine ushered in the modern age of transportation.  Students differentiate science and technology and learn how they are woven into their everyday lives.

Grades 5-9

Meets NRC Standards

60 Reproducible Activity Sheets

Teaching Tips

Complete Answer Key

Part of the Amazing World Records Series!

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