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The World's Largest Peninsula: The Arabian Peninsula

A complete lesson about peninsulas that begins with an Amazing World Record of Geography: The World's Largest Peninsula—The Arabian Peninsula!

The world record wows students and the following activities build on their interest.

Three student activity sheets:

1. Exploring the Arabian Peninsula

2. Reading a Map of the Arabian Peninsula

3. Locating Peninsulas

Includes teaching guide and answer key.

Bonus: Instructions on how to create a land and water features box to use while teaching physical geography.

Aligned with the Themes of Geography and the National Geographic Standards.

An Amazing World Record of Geography

An Aerial View of The World's Largest Peninsula The Arabian Peninsula

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Amazing World Records of Geography

Amazing World Records of Geography: 20 Innovative, Easy-to-Integrate Lesson Plans Teach Key Concepts and Motivate All Students! Published by Sunflower Education. Each chapter addresses a particular world record and opens with a teacher’s page that provides objectives, teaching tips, and extension and enrichment activities. Each chapter includes three reproducible student activity sheets.

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